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1. 当守门员 Play the goal / in goal

2. 中坚力量: pillars of the team

3. 补射close in/ rack up

4. 世界杯2018 FIFA World Cup Russia (大力神杯: FIFA World Cup Trophy)

5. 欧洲冠军联赛UEFA Champions’ League

6. 出局Costarica crashed out of World Cup 2018 after a 2-1 defeat by Brazil

7. 东道主直接晋级(Russia)automatically qualified as hosts

8. Others are determined through qualifying matches 资格赛

9. Beckham is warming up preparing to come on pitch 热身

11. lightening quick 闪电般的速度

12. Strike rate 进球率

13. Keep his temperament 控制情绪

14. Must-win game 必赢的比赛

15. Punch of the corner flag 甩角旗

16. Putting on England shirt 穿上英格兰的战袍

17. Keep a clean sheet ( no goals were scored) 未丢球

18. Form and fitness 状态和健康

19. Play the first team 在一线队

20. Have sth under your belt: to have already achieved or obtained sth---------he already has a couple of trophies under his belt 将奖杯收入囊中

21. It’s all over for Owen/ is this the end of Owen-Rooney partnership 搭档

22. Beckham’s re-inclusion in this squad 重回国家队

23. With a target man up front 目标人,即单前锋

24. Lampard plays more holding role 兰帕德趋防守/后腰型

25. Can you play them both 同时派两人上场

26. Make any position of his own 打任何位置

27. In the set-up I want 战术体系

28. On his own ground 主场

29. Play the ball through 直塞

30. Gerrad play more attacking role趋前腰型

31. The outfield player 非门将球员

32. Don(-nn-): to put clothes,etc ---------If a goalkeeper is sent off or injured, and there is no substitute goalkeeper available, an outfield player must take the goalkeeper's place and don the appropriate identifying uniform 球员穿上门将球衣

33. (back-pass rule) 回传条例

34. the ball is stationary 固定的

35. infringe the rule 违反规则

36. 弱队 underdogs

37. attacking third 、Defending Third、Middle Third 进攻区域、防守区域、中间区域 / 前场、后场、中场

38. raise the roof with a goal----引爆全场: to make sb produce or to produce lots of noise(该词组在 01年贝克哈姆任意球绝杀希腊时评论员所说—Beckham could raise the roof with a goal here

39. Midfielders typically expend the most energy(耗费最多的能量) during a match because of the distance they cover on a pitch场上跑动的路程

40. setting up attacks 组织进攻

41. 2 holding midfielders 后腰.

42. 后腰-------A defensive midfielder or a holding midfielder is a central midfielder who is stationed in front of the back defenders for defensive reasons, thus "holding back" the freedom of the opponents to attack

43. getting upfield along the wings and providing crosses 走边路到前场助攻队友

44. stamina to get up and down the field 前后场跑动耐力.

45. switched him to a left-back.让他打左后卫 This move proved to a be master-stroke(something clever)

46. wingers cutting infield 边锋内切.

47. anticipation (of player and ball movement) to excel 预判能力

48. on-field players 场上队员

50. attributes of a deep-lying playmaker 后场进攻组织者

51. spot openings and opportunities to build up play. 看到空挡和组织进攻机会

52. sustained opposition pressure 对方持续施压

53. tactical changes 战术调整

54. free kick specialist 任意球大师

55. offensive pivot 核心

56. dynamic (体力充沛)all-round/complete midfielders,The most versatile of players 最全能

57. lone striker 单前锋

58. In a three-man midfield 三人中场

59. The stereotypical winger is fast, tricky and enjoys 'hugging' the touchline, that is, running downfield close to the touchline and delivering crosses 正印边锋有速度、灵巧、喜欢走边路

60. players with different attributes can thrive on the wing as well 有特点的球员也可在边路发展

61. playing diagonal passes (斜传)to forwards or taking a shot at goal 打门

62. Crossing ability when out wide 拉边时传中能力

63. right-footed players and left-footed players 左/右脚球员

64. score a brace:梅开二度例 Manchester u forward Wayne rooney scored a brace to cap an impressive individual performance as The Three Lions secured a valuable 3 points on the road to South Africa 2010

65. team color,white shirts, white shoes, white socks 队服颜色

66. The ball hit the post and bounced in击在门柱上弹进去

67. in the final minute to seal the victory 锁定胜局

68. newly-introduced phillps 刚上场的

69. advance down the left flank 左路向前带

70. fail to find the back of the net barely three yards out 无法破门

71. blaze over the bar 踢飞

72. despite being unable to break the deadlock/stalemate sooner 打破僵局

73. lenon easily outpaced his opponents 超车

74. a flurry/succession of corners and free kicks 连续的角球和任意球

75. in the opening 25 minutes 开场25分钟

76. altercation with fans (a noisy argument or disagreement with) 与球迷争执

77. FIFA---the federation internationale del football association/ international federation of association football 国际足联

78. burst forward to chip in for Torress to head the winner 挑传给托雷斯,后者头球打进制胜球

79. the goal was scored with a deflection off the goalkeeper 这个球是打在守门员身上反弹入网

80. a resounding/emphatic 4-1 win 大胜

81. three point clear at the top 以三分优势领跑

82. they are this year winner of the coveted trophy 令人垂涎的奖杯

83. turn around 逆转

84. contest: to formally oppose a decision or statement例 contest charge against van persie 提出异议

85. at club level, he cut his managerial teeth at fulham: cut yout teeth on sth初次当教练

86. play away客场打

87. hold a slender lead at half time 微弱领先优势

88. autographs 签名

89. exquisite control : extremely beautiful or carefully done 极佳的控球

90. pinpoint cross 精准传中

91. run up a bit longer 助跑

92. if it is mathematically possible 理论还有可能

93. close down pass 封堵

94. actively win the ball 积极抢球

95. physical speed 跑动速度、decision-making speed决策速度

96. step over 脚绕/跨球

97. dummy/trick/feint 假动作、虚晃

98. sole of the feet 脚掌

99. losing an opponent/ get away from marker of you 摆脱防守

100. lofted pass挑传

101. arsenal/has leveled the score at two all 扳成2-2平

102. a stunner 世界波

103. one step run up 一步助跑

104. if he hadn’t score, England would slump to the play off 陷入附加赛

105. galaxy/ galatical 银河

106. arguably the best/按理说

107. super club/ club giant 豪门

108. eradicate racism in football 消除种族歧视

109. armband袖标

110. the team is looking good for a shot at the title夺冠势头不错

111. turn/sprain one’s ankle 脚踝扭伤

112. fracture of his ankle/骨折

113. MRI: magnetic resonance imaging 核磁共振成像

114. on his journey back to fitness 康复之路

115. metatarsal 跖骨 cramps抽筋 stiffness 僵硬 muscle soreness肌肉疼痛

116. wearing heavy strapping on his right knee/厚厚绷带; have to keep my legs strapped for 6 weeks 打着绷带

117. fifteen minutes from time 离终场还有15分钟

118. charity shield 慈善盾杯

119. step up training 加强训练

120. Mohican cut 莫稀干发型

121. in-form man 正在状态

122. dispute between player and coach 矛盾

123. come back three times 三度扳平

124. portmouth were in rock bottom 积分垫底

125. hotly-contested derby battle 德比大战

126. rise above Barry 力压巴里

127. nail down the win 锁定胜局

128. slick: done quickly and smoothly例 the crowd enjoy the team’s slick passing/娴熟传接配合

129. England has taken huge strides forward under capello 取得巨大进步

130. lenon jostling for postion with beckham, theo Walcott and wright争夺右路位置

131. encounter交锋an encounter that was totally one-sided from the opening exchange

132. England secured qualification for the next summer’s world cup in SA in the most emphatic way as they thrashed croatia at wembley 锁定南非入场券, 横扫克罗地亚

133. cement lead in the group 巩固小组领先优势

134. seal a place in SA/ for the first time in 40 years 锁定南非入场券

135. the team has been plagued/beset by injury 受伤病困扰

136. automatic qualifying place 直接晋级席位

137. regain initiative/positive in our hand 主动权

138. trident trio/threesome / three prong attack三叉戟

139. tapping up player: is an attempt to persuade a player contracted to one team to transfer to another team without the knowledge or permission of the player’s current team “窃童门”

140. provide passes to forward to set up goals 形成射门

141. going for goal起脚射门

142. big-name stars 大牌

143. Vierra had an unsuccessful campaign last season and is felt by many to be past his best 已过巅峰

144. grazing shot 贴地射门

145. triangular pass 三角传球

146. lob the ball over the defender’s head 高挑过防守队员头顶

147. round of 16 /eighth final 16进八

148. round robin : every team play every other team循环赛

149. sliding tackle 滑铲

150. beat offside trap 反越位、disorganize the defense 搅乱防守

151. rooney is at the top of his profession 职业生涯巅峰

152. what price china winning the world cup 这可能吗

153. reversal: a change from being successful to having a problem or defeated例:team’s recent reversal 下滑

154. clinch the title 问鼎

155. second leg at home 主场次回合

156. eagerly- waited match 备受期待的

157. make short work of sb: to defeat or deal with sth quickly例 Liverpool made short work of the opposite干净利落击败

158. home-grown players国内球员

159. youth academy 青训营

160. training session/practice match 训练课

161. grudge: a feeling of anger or dislike towards sb cause of sth they have done to you in the past积怨 例:england beat new Zealand in a grudge match 势不两立的比赛

162. be taken off/brought on 被换下/派上场

163. come on/off the pitch 上场/下场

164. concede only 5 in a qualifying campaign 丢5球

165. cruise/sweep to victory 轻易取胜

166. try-out试训 try sb out/ try sth out on sb 例 capello are trying out new players for the coming matches 用新人

167. points on aggregate总比分

168. Charlton signed china captain zheng, the two-time china player of the year 两届中超/中国足球先生

169. relegated from the top-flight 从顶级联赛降级

170. join reading on loan 租借

171. celtic secured zheng’s work permit 劳工证

172. play in defence and midfield 可打后卫和前卫

173. free agent 自由人

174. first team 一线队reserve team预备队---youth team 青年队

175. he palyed 5 times出场5次 for the youth team and twice for the youth team in his second season before it was brought to an abrupt end in when he suffered a double

176. lodge a complain with FIFA after Chelsea sign sb 上诉

177. the blues 蓝军

178. jointly and severally liable for the compensation 共同并分别承担赔偿

179. the punishment was meted out(to give sb a punishment) by world governing body fifa after the club was found guilty of inducing sb to break his contract with lens in 2007

180. big-spending Madrid 大手笔

181. the England team was completely outgunned 毫无还手之力

182. tempo/pace例 don’t let the other team dictate the tempo of the game主导、控制场上节奏

183. annihilate: defeat sb completely 击溃

184. misconduct report 球员不良行为报告

185. match steward 球场保安 tunnel球员通道

186. dismantle the team in the manner they did 狂屠对手

187. messi is turning into the the wonderful player we expect he would do 成为巨星

188. knock out a lot of goals 进很多球

189. he looks more like his oldself 更像以前的自己

190. the team builts up an impregnable 5-1 lead 巨大领先优势

191. mass brawl群殴

192. ran the length of the pitch to celebrate in front of the visiting fans, revoking a furious reaction 满场飞奔

193. preparation cry备战口号

194. fans in full cry: shouting loudly and in an enthusiastic way 球迷情绪高涨

195. write owen on his team sheet 大名单

196. how did he get that in 怎么打进那球

197. the team scrape into the semi-final 勉强进入半决赛

198. double-winning year双冠王

199. what a way to claim the hat trick 上演帽子戏法

200. go to 1-0 down 0-1落后

201. slide his knees on the ground 跪地滑行

202. in the second minute of the first half stoppage time 伤停补时

203. he hopes to imorove his tally of three goals in the past nine games 提高过去九场进三球的记录

204. upset 冷门:spring a surprise by winning the tourment

205. referee denies, ordering a retake 重罚

206. lost /drop it 门将脱手

208. unassailable/impregnable 例:the ten-point put the team in an almost unassailable难以撼动的位置

209. instep 足背

210. two players to take on 面对两防守球员

211. flexible formation灵活多变的阵型/ fluid interchangeable 流畅而多配合

212. come back from 4-2 down to level at 4-4 从2-4落后到扳成4平

213. put man united ahead/ in front 让曼联领先

214. beckham standing over the ball 站在球旁

215. a bit too far out距球门有点远

216. block the ball 挡球

217. aim for sb朝某人传球

218. good covering from beckham回防

219. clear it away to safety解围

220. set up sb助攻

221. slide into the net 滚入球门

222. third-choice goal-keeper 三号门将

223. ronaldo, Portuguese international 国家队队员

224. passing through the legs/ netmeg穿裆过人

225. slumping to a heavy defeat遭到重创

226. visiting team客队

227. body contact接触、confrontation 对抗

229. mindless and malicious foul无谓而恶意

230. match-fit 可打比赛

231. make the space for the shot 创造打门空挡

232. consistency稳定性

233. take over the ball接过球

234. opposite half对方半场;own half 自己半场

235. hardcore fans铁杆球迷

236. rifle shot 劲射

237. fit in the team融入球队

238. score at the last minute最后一分钟绝杀

239. carried off on a stretcher 担架抬下

240. cut back towards gerrad 回敲

241. the team are now just 6 points adrift of the leaders 六分落后领头羊

242. shin pad / shin guard护腿板

243. get into position 门将回位

244. any hope of arsenal come back was extinguished 扳平无望

245. feed it to the striker 喂球

246. smash the ball into the net/ smasher 劲射、 smash the world record(broken it by a large amount) 大破记录

247. arsenal are suddenly running away with it: win sth easily and clearly 轻易获胜

248. three games running/ in a row in which Thierry score 连续三场进球

249. running commentary on the game (as it happened) 实况报道

250. has no shortage of assistance 不乏助攻

251. companion in misfortune患难之交

252. the winner of the PFA players’ player of the year for 2003 职业球员协会最佳球员

253. beckham’s flick(a small sudden movement or hit) into the penalty area helped to creat the goal 突入禁区

254. with a talent like his, the sky’s limit 前途无量

255. skied it 踢飞了

256. carling cup=league cup 联赛杯

257. coach staff 教练组

258. community shield 社区盾杯

259. rehabilitation 康复

260. injure during the tussle for the ball争球、mass tussle混战

261. work it back to a goal scoring position 调整到射门位置

262. lethal/deadly finish 致命一脚

263. world-class strike 世界波

264. player on/off上下场的球员

265. chest it up/down 胸部停球

266. open up on the right 撕开防线

267. elementary mistake 低级失误

268. not an ideal site/ free kick position 理想位置

269. kahn came out 出击

270. hit back 回击

271. pass right into his strike 传到射门路线

272. confidence ripping through the team全队信心满满

273. beckham acknowledge to the supporters 向球迷致意

274. prolific goalscorer 多产射手

275. cushion header头球摆渡

276. gigantic victory 大胜

277. instructions given by coach to players 指示

278. cover lots of grounds 满场跑动

279. pushed out by goalkeeper 扑出

280. to partner roooney 与鲁尼搭档

281. repays wenger’s faith 对温格的信任予以回报

282. lack of understanding 默契

283. defeat would mean automatic qualification for germany直接晋级

284. set up an equalizer against the run of play after 16 minutes(though the other team seems more likely to score)在不占优情况下扳平

285. tevz endeared himself even more to(使 更受欢迎) the city fans when he helped set up an equalizer

286. winning goal 决胜球

287. sticking point 症结

288. break free inside the area 禁区轻松突破

289. evra to set up rooney for a close-range finish助攻鲁尼近距离打门

290. he almost cashed in on hesitation (捞到好处)on the edge of the area between foster and vidic/ cash on the mistake 捡漏

291. attempt a snapshot 突然起脚

292. despite the scoreline, the visitors did cause England a few problems 比分

293. bow out of international football 退出国际足坛

294. head home a lampard corner at the far post 远点

295. lampard fierce shot on the turn flies just over the bar 转身后的劲射稍稍高出横梁

296. tevez was named in city’s line-up 列入大名单

297. the ball deflected off sb’s body into the goal 碰到身上变向入网

298. Walcott curled a left-footed shot narrowly over the bar after cutting in from the right 左脚打弧线球稍稍高出

299. a neat link-up (配合)een rooney and Walcott on the rifht ends with the latter being brought down(放倒)for a free kick

300. strike a half volley over the bar 抽射

301. slide-slid-slid: slide home from 18 yards 推射

302. start brightly launching a first foray 突袭

303. cut out the danger(化解险情) for England

304. a galaxy of England payers 众星云集

305. owen last-gasp winner 绝杀

306. make a good point-blank save to keep the header out近身扑救

307. defoe adds a fifth goal, racing onto heskey’s flick to calmly slide home a shot from outside the area 接赫斯基妙传

308. beckham was introduced in place of Walcott 换下

309. pull a goal back 扳平一球

310. strike a low shot past james from just inside the area 低射

311. rooney drags a shot wide of the post from z5 yards 打偏

312. owen comes on for Fowler ten minutes before the end of the end 上场换下

313. England make it three wins out three in their qualifying campaign to date 三战全胜

314. the referee sounds the final whistle吹响终场哨音

315. but capello will know better than anyone that on this evidence, world cup qualification is some way off当卡佩罗比任何人都清楚,根据目前的表现晋级世界杯决赛圈还有一段路要走

316. there was still time for a brief glimpse of beckham, the former captain coming on for his 1ooth cap 还可目睹前队长为他的第106场而战

317. level with sir bobby Charlton and reciving the loudest ovation of the night接触当晚最热烈的掌声

318. cole embarrassingly gifted sb possession, the forward expertly keep his composure to fire into the corner past james 白白将球权送给对方

319. the FA board unanimously terminate the contract of the England head coach 解除合同

320. macalen sacked as England boss 下课

321. 40 million central defensive pairing中场组合 of a and b struggled to cope with a constant bombardment of crosses

322. 25-yard screamer clumsily tipped around the post by on-rushing (出击的) James 用指尖挡出

323. his third goal wearing the three lions 身穿三狮军团战袍的第三粒进球

324. conceding such a sloppy goal in their best period of the game在形势大好的情况下丢球

325. from the resulting set-piece, Ferdinand climed highest to nod into the net高高跃起,一记头槌破门

326. hammer his shot over 打高

327. respond by hauling off barry and replace with philps, reverting back to 4-4-2 换下巴里,换成442

328. boos at the interval 嘘声

329. Walcott’s cameo could not mask a disjointed England 沃特科尔的小角色无法掩盖英格兰队形脱节

330. rooney isolated down the left 鲁尼在左路被孤立

331. heskey ploughs a lone furrow up front :to do things that others do not do or to be interested in things that other people are not interested in 在前锋线上孤军奋战

332. city still have some way to go to achieve boss Hughes’ stated aim of knocking their rival off the perch 丧失名位: to make sb lose their position as sb successful or admired

333. sell-out wembley crowd 温布利爆满的球迷

334. his name was cheered loudest before the kick off

335. raced past his marker 快速过了防守队员,sent over a cross,narrowly failed to bundle in at the far post

336. cut in on his weaker left foot and shooting marginally over the cross bar 以其并不擅长的左脚往内切,起脚打门稍稍高出横梁

337. it was not a comfortable evening for coach Fabio capello as the score line suggests 当这个夜晚对卡佩罗来讲并不像比分所示的令他舒心

338. next wee k’s final looks like a sell-out 下周的决赛球场将会爆满

339. the team has made some positional changes because two players injured 位置人员调整

340. headed into his own net 头球自摆乌龙

341. rooney headed in a sb cross and then tapped in(hit sth slightly and quickluy 轻巧的打门) after a beckham free kick

342. defoe finished off the scoring with a late low finish 低平球锁定比分

343. rig 操纵 top clubs were rigging matches

344. clubs can appeal against decisions to the football association 上诉

345. overturn 撤消 it is rare that decisions were overturned

346. budding / rising star 新秀

347. strip: to take away property or honors from sb as a punishment 例 juventus was stripped of the league title 剥夺

348. long-sleeved shirt 长袖

349. well -swirled goal 极具旋转的

350. clothes imprinted with the logo of the team 印着

351. fans will be disappointed on the ticketing front , because demand will be so much greater than supply 球票方面

353. beckham’s pinpoint cross 贝克汉姆精准横穿

354. the goal was scored midway through the first half 上半场中段攻入的

355. well-placed 站位好

356. in the group stage 小组赛阶段

357. england has not lifted the trophy since 1966 捧杯

358. beckham, a player so often heralded / hailed as his country’s savior 救星

359. new era of english football 新时代

360. walcot was substituted to a standing ovation 起立鼓掌

361. lighting speed and accurate shooting have turned the teenage into an overnight sensation一夜轰动世界

362. as a player, he is experience something of an indian summer 大器晚成

363. acquisition 球员收购:the two primary acquisitions this season ;transfer 转会

364. one of the greatest players of all time 史上最佳

365. awards dinners 颁奖晚宴

366. gripping derby game 扣人心弦的德比战

367. we come from 2-0 down to draw level but we eventually lost on penalties 扳平

368. the honors are even 势均力敌

369. organizing committee 组织委员会、executive committee 执委会

370. hone one’s skill at the youth academy 磨练技术

371. five -a- side football五人制足球

372. grip: control : the home team took a firm grip on the game 控制比赛

373.world cup finals 决赛圈


1. 后卫: Back /defender

2. 前卫: Midfielder

3. 前锋: Forward/ Striker

4. 单前锋:lone striker

5. 中锋: Center forward

6. 边锋Wingers

7. 二前锋/影子前锋 second striker

8. 自由人: Libero

9. 中后卫: Center Back/ center half

10. 全能选手: utility player

11. 守门员: Goalkeeper, Goalie

12. 左(右)后卫: Left (Right) Back 13. 清道夫, 拖后中卫: Sweeper

14. 左(右)前卫: Left (Right) Midfielder

15. 攻击型前卫, 前腰: Attacking Midfielder

16. 防守型前卫, 后腰: Defending Midfielder

17. 边后卫Wingback


1. 点球发球点: penalty mark

2. 禁区: penalty area / six-yard box

3. 小禁区: goal area

4. 开球: Kick-off

5. 倒钩球: bicycle kick, overhead kick

6. 半高球: chest-high ball

7. 角球: corner ball, corner

8. 球门球: goal kick

9. 地面球: ground ball, grounder

10. 手球: hand ball ((动词-handle the ball ))

11. 头球: header (动词-head the ball)

12. 点球: penalty kick / spot kick(勺子点球, 轻挑式射点球 panenka penalty)

13. 筑人墙: set a wall

14. 任意球: free kick

15.手抛边线球: throw-in(边线 touch line, 底线 back line)

16. 胸部停球: chest (chest up, chest down)

17. 连续传球: consecutive passes

18. 鱼跃顶球: diving header

19. 盘带: dribbling

20. 守门员接高球: clean catching

21. 边线传球: flank pass

22. 高吊传球: high lobbing pass

23. 凌空传球: volley pass

24. 铲球: tackle

25. 地滚球: rolling pass, ground pass

26. 射门: shoot

27. 贴地射门: grazing shot

28. 近射: close-range shot

29. 远射: long drive

30. 未射中: mishit

31. 越位: offside

3 2. 不越位:onside

33. 传球: pass the ball

34. 接球: take a pass

35. 球传到位: spot pass

36. 拦截球: intercept

37. 界外球: throw-in

38. 红牌: red card

39. 黄牌 : yellow card

40. 正面抢截: block tackle

41. 阻挡: body check

42. 合理冲撞: fair charge

43. 盯人防守: close-marking defense

44. 短传: close pass, short pass

45. 假动作: dummy, feint

46. 假摔:simulation/ diving

47. 跃起争顶: flying header

48. 解围: clear

49. 摆脱防守: break loose

50. 搅乱防守: disorganize the defence

51. 长传: long pass​

52. 点球决胜: penalty shootout​​​​​


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